Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for an action-packed fishing charter in Fort Myers, or a family looking for a fun-filled day on the water, you’ve come to the right place!


At Southern Instinct Charters, we offer some of the best fishing and shelling experiences the waters of Fort Myers and Sanibel Island have to offer. Want to battle a Tarpon; the famous ‘silver king’? Or maybe chase Redfish across the flats of Pine Island Sound? How about hooking up on a monster Snook? What about big deep sea pelagic species like Wahoo, Tuna, Red Snapper, or Cobia? Whatever you’re looking for, we can accommodate you or your family with our variety of inshore and offshore fishing charters, shelling trips and sightseeing tours.

The Fort Myers area offers some of the world’s best inshore and deep see fishing with species like Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Grouper, Cobia, Snapper and some seriously hungry sharks. If you travel a little deeper into the Gulf of Mexico you can find the most sought after target species in the world. We’re also privileged to have some of the most beautiful wildlife and pristine scenery here in Ft. Myers; especially around the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. If you’ve never seen Southwest Florida from the water, you are missing out!

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We have been out three times with Captain Ryan. Every time we have caught fish! Snook and Reds are our favorite and he knows how to find the fish! He is responsible for my love of fishing in SW Florida. If you want to fish and have a great time, call Captain Ryan!
— Lisa in Fort Myers, FL

If you’re planning a visit to Fort Myers, Sanibel Island or Captiva, a fishing charter is a perfect, fun-filled activity for the whole family! And for those who aren’t as enthusiastic about fishing, we can stop off and go shelling on remote, pristine, white-sand beaches, or pack a picnic lunch for a trip to Cayo Costa. We can watch dolphins, pelicans and manatees and stop off for a cheeseburger in paradise on historic Cabbage Key. Whatever you want to do while you’re visiting Fort Myers, we can make it happen!

 Catching another Tarpon near Fort Myers!

Catching another Tarpon near Fort Myers!



The Fort Myers area is world-renowned for it’s Tarpon fishing. Because of its majestic appearance and flashy color, the tarpon is nicknamed the "silver king." Fishing for these guys is a bucket list item for most saltwater anglers and there is no better place in the world to ‘jump’ a tarpon then in the waters surrounding Fort Myers and Sanibel.

 Her first Sanibel Redfish!

Her first Sanibel Redfish!


Backwater tailers

These are some of the most popular fish among anglers here on the Gulf Coast. And with good reason! They hit like a concrete block, peel line like it’s nothing and put up a terrific fight. It’s no wonder the big ones are called ‘bulls’. 

 Another Fort Myers backwater Snook!

Another Fort Myers backwater Snook!


Feisty Linesiders

‘Linesiders’ are everywhere here in Southwest Florida and there are few fish that put up such a spectacular fight! Snook love to ambush baits so hang on tight and don’t let these guys break you off in the mangroves!

  Time for some fried Grouper   nuggets!

Time for some fried Grouper nuggets!


Famous Fighters

Ranging in size from small to humongous, this popular deep sea game fish is a nearshore favorite, hanging out near reefs and wrecks. Hook into one of these and hang on!


 A nice shark caught in Pine Island Sound

A nice shark caught in Pine Island Sound


toothy fun

These bad boys are always chewing, tons of fun to catch and plentiful down in here in the waters of Ft. Myers. Black tips, hammerheads, bonnet heads, bull sharks and more; they’re always ready to put up a fight!

 Killing the Kings offshore!

Killing the Kings offshore!

King Mackerel


Kings are a migratory schooling fish that are a blast to chase. They'll literally rocket out of the water chasing bait!

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